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Natural Healing Stone Jewelry

Back to Basics - Women's Jewelry

At Da Costa we use Natural Stones in all our pieces.  They have been carefully selected from various parts of the world and come together to create your unique piece.  Each stone has healing properties connected to it and with each item you buy you will receive a stone card that highlights the main properties of your stone(s).  When choosing a bracelet for yourself or a gift, allow yourself to be drawn to the stones, and do not think too much about the meanings.  Sometimes we are not aware of the stones we need, but if we allow yourself to choose based on the appearance of the stone we will find exactly what we need in our lives.  

How to choosing the right Stone for you:

* Look through our Collections and allow yourself to be drawn to a piece.

* Enter the stone you desire in the Search Feature located at the top left of our homepage

Rose Quartz - Love StoneHowlite Stone - Calming Amazonite Stone - Courage Healing Stone

Your gift will be sent with the stone card identifying it's properties as well as a soft gift pouch with allows you a place to store your jewelry so that you do not misplace it. 

Men's Bracelets are HOT

Men's Fashion Accessories

We have seen them on the cover of magazines and with their increased popularity, you likely already own one bracelet you wear often.  There are many styles to choose from these days, but the best way to wear them is to mix a few different styles together.  At Da Costa we choose from the highest quality stones, genuine leather and create designs that are sure to fetch you plenty of compliments.  

Men's Bracelets Canada 

Shop the look; Chain Bracelet, Double Wrap Bracelets, Diffuser Bracelets

Men's Accessories



Get the Scoop on DA COSTA Sunglasses

Men's Wood Framed Sunglasses

We have a great selection of Luxury Wooden Framed Sunglasses.  Choose from our two favourites:

Full Wood Black Walnut AUSSIE Frames - click here 

This Wooden Frame is for the man who wants to show his style.  Made from Black Walnut wood and stained just enough to create a distinctive look these sunglasses boast double hinged arms which allow them to fit the width of your face with great comfort.  This wooden design is also ultra lightweight making them instantly more comfortable than frames made of any other material. From the Beach, to the Park these polarized lenses will keep you seeing clearly as they reflect all glare from surfaces giving you an advantage over any other sunglasses.  See the AUSSIE frame and our other styles here.

Wood Sunglasses



Bamboo Silver Mirrored Frames - click here

This wayfarer style frame is a classic style, extremely lightweight and it's clear frame is highly desirable.  We have paired it up with some slick mirrored lenses, to keep what you're looking at a secret, and added Bamboo arms.  This is one of our most comfortable pair that looks great on any face.  All of our Da Costa sunglasses have polarized lenses because we want you to see as clearly as possible while looking great.  See the Wayfarer frame and our other styles here.

Wooden Mirror Sunglasses

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